Review Policy

My goal is to review books of literary merit, regardless of publication date, and provide informal, personal, intelligent and honest reviews.  

I would LOVE to read: literary fiction, historical fiction, short story collections, biography, nonfiction (topics: art, architecture, fashion, the environment), and creative non-fiction (memoir, travelogue, etc.).

I cannot review: children's books and most YA books (as I work in educational sales for a small children's book publisher, I feel this would pose a conflict of interest). 

I will probably HATE: romance, chick lit, most fantasy, thrillers, sci-fi, paranormal, how-to, self-help, or erotica (or any combination thereof).

Unless part of a blog tour with a specified date, I will post reviews within two months of receiving review copies unless otherwise noted to you.  

Want me to review something? Contact me at