Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Literary Armchair Traveling: Parisian Reads

Bibliophile Style: Parisian Reads

Due to my lack of, ahem, disposable income, most of my traveling is of the armchair persuasion.  This week's Literary Armchair Traveling destination is one place I've actually been:  Paris, France. 

"A wine connoisseur, teacher and Parisian explains how to fit in and be truly cool in the City of Lights including walking with a folded copy of the newspaper Le Monde under your arm and always ordering a San Pellegrino." (courtesy of the Strand website)
"In this breathtaking guided tour of the most beautiful walks through Paris, including the favorite walking routes of the many acclaimed artists and writers who have called this magical city home, the author recalls his many encounters and adventures in the City of Lights." (courtesy of the Strand website)
"The much anticipated new translation of the novel that 'redefined the novel as an art form.' It was only seven years ago that Lydia Davis produced an award-winning, rapturously reviewed new translation of Marcel Proust's Swann's Way. Here, in this landmark publication of MADAME BOVARY, she gives new life to the novel's Flaubertian nuances and particulars, as originally intended, without compromising this first masterpiece of realist fiction." (courtesy of the Strand website)
"A stunning story of love, sexual obsession, treachery, and tragedy, about an artist and her most famous muse in Paris between the world wars...Inspired by real events in [Tamara] de Lempicka's history, The Last Nude is a tour de force of historical imagination. Ellis Avery gives the reader a tantalizing window into a lost Paris, an age already vanishing as the inexorable forces of history close in on two tangled lives. Spellbinding and provocative, this is a novel about genius and craft, love and desire, regret and, most of all, hope that can transcend time and circumstance." (courtesy of

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