Thursday, May 31, 2012

From page to film: thoughts?

Two new trailers have hit the web over the past couple weeks, one for Baz Lurhmann's re-imagining (??) of Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and the other for Victor Hugo's Les Miserables.  My thoughts, and each trailer, just in case you haven't seen them yet:

Even if you watch the trailer with no sound, it's clearly textbook Lurhmann:  the man knows how to shoot a gorgeous looking party.  But dear lord, autotune????  Seriously???  So we couldn't procure the rights to any era-appropriate music???  I love Gatsby.  It's one of my favorite of Fitzgerald's works and the thought of it being turned into a coke/ecstasy-fueled debauched romp just breaks my heart a bit.  Luhrmann tends to favor spectacle over story, and if what he did to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is any indication of how he'll treat Gatsby...count me out.  
Gah.  I *hate* this new trend of letting celebrities sing for themselves.  If Anne Hathaway wasn't Anne Hathaway, would anyone really want to hear her warble?  I mean, she's not terrible, and I love Anne Hathaway (she's come a long way since The Princess Diaries and girl can act!) and I get that casting big name actors and actresses fills seats in the theater...but man.  There have been so many super talented women who've played Fantine over the years who can SING.  Visually, the movie looks stunning, but since the last time I read Les Mis was in, oh, fourth grade, I'll have to revisit it before seeing it...which will probably be On summer... 

So what are your thoughts on these two trailers?  Excited?  Terrified?  Will you see either of the movies?

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